How did Howie Mandel’s wife handle the situation?

Howie breakdown in the Starbucks and made everybody astonished who were witnessing the incident

Howie Mandel's wife Terry


Who is Howie Mandel’s wife Terry?

Terry Mandel is a producer from Toronto, Ontario. She mostly enjoys long walks with her dogs and nights with her husband watching movies. 

Howie and Terry have been married since March 1980, and earlier this year they celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary. Together the duo have three children- two sons Alex and Riley and one daughter Jackie. 

Howife Mandel Terry Mandel


The American Got Talent (AGT) judge said in an interview that it was his wife that convinced him to take the job hosting the renowned game show Deal or No Deal. He acknowledged that he was first hesitant, but that he eventually accepted the employment offer. 

He along with his daughter Jackelyn hosted a popular podcast- Howie Mandel Does Stuff, in which the father and daughter make prank calls, interview interesting personalities, discuss about weird things, discuss pop culture and stuff like that. 

Howie Mandel's wife Terry


Is it true that Howie Mandel is in the hospital?

Well there is no such medical information about Howie Howie except he is colorbling and he had OCD. But he was brought to the hospital after fainting inside a Starbucks in Los Angeles, according to TMZ on October 13, 2021. This news spread like fire about the renowned personality and people became curious about his medical situation.

The AGT judge was able to sit up by the time the LA Fire Department arrived, according to witnesses, and it was later found that the incident was possibly caused by low blood sugar.

According to sources, Howie is a regular at the Starbucks location, and patrons at the coffee shop recognized him and were astonished to witness the incident occur.