3 Simple steps for cleaning a washing machine

Though the tips mentioned above are the same for both the top-loading and front-loading machine, here are a few things you must consider while cleaning a washing machine.

1.If you own a top-loading washing machine, pause a machine during the first hot water-vinegar cleanup. Add water to the machine and let it settle, pause the cycle for an hour so that the vinegar can soak.

Since the top-loading machine tends to collect more dust and detergent splatters, try to wipe the top of the machine and the buttons with a microfiber cloth soaked in the vinegar solution. You can also use a toothbrush or sponge to clean the areas under the rim or inside the machine.

2. When it comes to cleaning a front-loading machine, it might be a more daunting experience as it isn’t as wide as a top-loading machine. Moreover, it is difficult to get rid of leftover detergent at the gasket or rubber seal around the door, which becomes a breeding place for mold or mildew, making your clothes smell fusty. To get rid of the grime, spray the vinegar solution around the door, leave it open for a minute and later wipe it with a microfibre cloth.

To prevent the growth of mold or mildew, make sure your door opens wide for a few hours, every time you wash your clothes.

Today, there are many options and cleaning liquids available in the market, but white vinegar is still the most effective and affordable option for cleaning a washing machine. The washing machine is an important invention of mankind that saves a lot of time and effort; hence it requires a lot of maintenance and care. The least you can do is cleaning a washing machine with running water.

Using the right detergent is also equally important. Some detergents can leave more residue making it touch to clean your washing machine. Today a range of detergents are available in the market uniquely formulated for both front-load and top-load machines.

When cleaning a washing machine, make sure you clean the inlet hose filters, because if they clog up, they will affect the flow of the water in your cycle. You can use this hot-water and vinegar solution to clean your washing machine every month and get rid of odors or contaminants and keep your clothes fresh and clean. We hope this blog helps you with a guide and no longer fret over cleaning your washing machine.

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