Allison Stokke: Run To Ruin Journey

Allison Stokke


How pole vaulter Allison Stokke’s occupation almost finished as a result of one picture

When she was seventeen, one of her images went viral

When you’re an athlete, you clearly want to be popular simply for being the most effective, preferably without any detractions or negativity related to your personal life. Athletes are all about sports, hard work, and skill. Still, professional athletes may encounter situations that turn their entire lives upside-down, leading them to amass fame for all the incorrect reasons. This is precisely what occurred to Allison Stokke when she was seventeen years of ages when an innocent picture of her throughout a pole vaulting competition went viral. This photo nearly spoiled her life!

Senior high school

During her time in secondary school, Allison uncovered her enthusiasm for post vaulting. Even throughout her education, people had excellent assumptions for her. There was even talk about pole vaulting at the absolute highest level and also joining prestigious competitions. Eventually, she obtained her place in the spotlight for greatly various factors.


Initial document

Hard work. That’s all Stokke concentrated on, intending to go far for herself for her incredible athletic accomplishments. When she ‘d only just began gaining her marks in pole vaulting in 2004, she instantly reached massive succes, as she damaged a document with a dive gauging 3,86 metres. This success was the single highest jump ever before by a fifteen years of age American.