Women: must not ignore these 8 subtle symptoms of Heart Attack

Excessive Sweating

Sweating means to be good for maintaining body temperature but excessive sweating without a normal cause, feeling clammy or cold when there is no reason for stress can also be another symptom of heart problem.


People with heart problems start feeling exhausted from doing simple activities or tasks which don’t require much exertion like walking to the washroom, making up of bed and going grocery shopping, etc. Unusual Fatigue is experienced prior to the occurrence of the heart problem.

Abdominal Discomfort

Abdominal pain or pressure and digestive issues like indigestion, nausea, vomiting can be associates with a possible heart issue. Of course, stomach pain can be happened due to multiple reasons that have nothing to do with women’s heart attack death, but we need to know that stomach pain also is happen during a heart issue.

Disturbance of Sleep

Facing problems in sleeping like waking up unusual throughout the night, feeling difficulty in getting to sleep, and feeling tired rather than getting enough sleep can be associated with women’s heart attack experiences.

Feeling Weak

Weakness and feeling shaky is the most common acute symptom of heart issue in women. If you suddenly start feeling weak in doing things, you had no issue doing in past can probably relate to a women’s heart attack. It can be accompanied by dizziness, anxiety, feeling lightheaded, and fainting.

To recognize heart attack women must have the awareness of the potential symptoms of attack that they might experience within the weeks prior to the event occur. This can help to improve the heart health issue, can improve the outcome, and can also help in stopping the complications.

As women are more prone to death as compared to men in case of heart attack, it becomes crucial for women to remain conscious about their health conditions and take immediate actions if they feel any of these explained symptoms in regular frequency. There is a saying that “Control of the Consciousness determines the quality of Life”. Gradually becoming conscious about the small changes body shows to us as a symptom of a particular health condition can be helpful to us to prevent serious health conditions like a heart attack.