Trick to unclog sink with dish soap and hot water

unclog sink dish soap hot water

Hot water and Dish soap can work for you

Sometimes we are able to prevent things before happening or sometime we fix them up. Clogging of sink is super annoying thing that happens and we need to rush towards chemical solutions to fix them. But thanks to this amazing trick of unclogging sink with dish soap and hot water.


No use of chemicals

According to owner of Nelson’s plumbing, Ryan Nelson it is better not to use any chemical solutions for unclogging a sink. As chemical just drain out the cleaners and causes damage to pipes. He advises that it is necessary to focus removing the source of the blockage but sometimes it is not possible to do so. You can give try to dish soap and hot water to eliminate the blockage.


Hot water

To unclog your kitchen drain, firstly flush hot water down the sink. By hot water we mean that you should boil some water, once it is boiled in the kettle and reaches 90-95 degrees. Use this extremely hot water to drain through the sink. Don’t use your warm tap water that would not work as it usually does not reach to the required temperature.