Your House Number Can Decrease Your Home Value

Your House Number Can Decrease Your Home Value

Use these house numbers to your advantage!

Home purchase demands a significant amount of effort and time as well. There’s the mortgage to consider, as well as the cost of repairs and the actual relocation procedure. However, before you can take care of any of that, you must first purchase the house. Are you searching to purchase a home? Pay attention to the house number along with the location, garden, and the interior. A house number has a significant impact on the value of your home! You never know that a wrong house number can decrease your home value that you have purchased just a few months back.

Reason behind Number

Have you ever considered that the number on your house could be significant in terms of its value? We didn’t think so. Daft, an Irish property website, conducted research into this and found that it does make a great difference! According to their findings, residences with the number 13 or 3 sell for significantly less money which gives these numbers competitive disadvantage. As these numbers have somewhere shown a negative impression on people’s life, career and balance sheet. 


Money Difference

The number does not directly reduce the worth of your home; nevertheless, if you want to buy a house for less money, choosing a home with the number 13 is actually a good idea. According to Daft, houses with this number are 1.8 percent cheaper on average. This may appear to be a modest percentage, but with property prices frequently exceeding $100,000, even 1.8 percent may add up to a lot of money! Let’s imagine you want to buy a house for €240,000, but you also have the option of buying the house next door, which is number 13. If this residence is 1.8 percent less expensive, that means you’ll save €4320! If you consider my opinion on it, that’s a noticeable deal of difference.


Belief System on Numbers

This price discrepancy is most likely due to the belief surrounding the number 13. They think the number 13 brings bad luck, and it appears that many individuals, subconsciously or not, avoid buying a home with that number. Another interesting fact is that many individuals avoid buying a house on Friday the thirteenth. According to the Daft’s study, houses sell 10% less on the thirteenth day as compared to any other day. Amazing. Isn’t it?