Real & Reel:  Can You Recognize These Celebs Without Makeup?

recognize these celebs without makeup


Either with makeup or without makeup, these celebrities looks awesome

We have seen our famous celebrities on screen with perfect outfit, shaped eyebrows, perfect makeup and sassy look. And this the fact that we all know there is difference between real and reel. No celebrity remain like on screen look always. Yet very few celebrities shows their faces and life off screen as well. Many of them look pretty different in reality without make. Here we are going to show those celebrities who love to show their faces even without make up and are even as gorgeous as they look on Instagram,  Facebook and YouTube.


No doubt celebrities’ looks amazing in makeup and most of the time we found them wearing makeup either it’s a small show or big event. When these celebrities found without makeup in real life they somewhat looks different. Let’s see how they look when they have not wear makeup.


  • Kim Kardashian



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This well know star we all are aware about is a real makeup guru. We all have seen her photographs on social media platforms how well she showcase her makeup skills. But she is not afraid of showing her real face as well. That’s why she has posted ample of times her naked face on Instagram. And no doubt she look wonderful even without makeup.