Must Watch These Movies Of Megan Fox

meghan fox

These top ten movies of Megan Fox can make you her fan


Megan Fox an American actress has been on everyone’s radar (and bedroom walls) for well over a decade. Here are the top ten Megan Fox movies to watch. She’s back on our screens now as a horror queen in flicks like Till Death, and she doesn’t look a day older. To commemorate this stunning actress’s comeback to acting, we’ve compiled a list of her most memorable films.


  1. Jennifer’s Body

The vixen is transformed into an immortal succubus who enjoys feasting on dudes in this horror film. When a satanic ceremony goes horribly wrong, Jennifer’s best friend, Amanda Seyfried, embarks on a journey to prevent Jennifer from murdering all the boys at their school. When it was first released in 2009, it was greatly underappreciated, but after the #metoo movement, it received the attention it deserved.


  1. Transformers

Apart from the explosions and action scenes, the major reason why fans watched Transformers was to see Mikaela Banes, who was played by the foxy Fox. Fox and LaBeouf assist the Autobots in both the original and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. She still looks like a supermodel even when she’s sweaty and dirty.


  1. This is my 40th birthday.

We got to witness Meg expand her creative muscles as Desi, the humorous escort-turned-retail-worker who goes clubbing with Leslie Mann, who is going through a midlife crisis, in the sequel to Knocked Up. It’s one of our favourite Megan Fox films to date, thanks in part to the star-studded supporting cast she had to work with.


  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

This movie is a sequel part to the original movie Ninja Turtles. This is another action-packed part for Fox, who plays April O’Neil. She fights an evil antagonist and a crazy scientist who wish to keep the planet captive with a lethal formula alongside Will Arnett, Stephen Amell, and the turtles in it.


  1. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Megan played Sophie Maes in this 2008 comedy starring Simon Pegg. Pegg plays Sidney Young, a man striving to establish a good reputation at his new job as an editor for a fashion magazine, in the film. While the film was panned for its “slapstick and coarse comedy,” Fox plays a supporting role as a celebrity actress, and it nonetheless garnered a large following.


  1. Friends with Kids

In this film about growing older and deciding whether or not to have children, a couple without children, Jason and Julie, are under increasing pressure to give in and sort their families as well. However, when they decide to co-parent without being in a romantic relationship, the no-strings-attached strategy quickly unravels as they begin to fall in love. Fox only has a minor role in the film, but she does an excellent job as one of Jason’s loves.


  1. Till Death

In the movie Megan is playing the role of wife of a man who shoots himself after binding him with her. After that she was left behind alone in their property at a rural place where two killers arrive to hunt her down. It was one of her best role and most recent role in 2021. It’s a well-thought-out vengeance plot in retaliation for Fox’s adulterous. But the most worst is done by this guy.


  1. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Being a newborn in the early 2000s, Meghan had one of her earliest parts in this Disney film. At that time people known her as a popular girl Carla Santini. Although that was not a critical hit or a masterpiece of her work but it was an airhead part at the end of the day. That work in this movies shows us how long was her journey and how far she’s come.


  1. The Battle of Jangsari

Megan played a totally different character in The Battle of Jangsari movie as compared to all her roles that she has played normally in other movies. It is a film based on the historical war of Korea. As per the movie and the tale of Korean War, student’s soldiers took part in it and it was diversionary war operation. Megan Fox co-stars with Kim Myung-min, who plays rebel commander Lee Myung-Joon, as American reporter Marguerite Higgins.


  1. Above the Shadows

In this 2019 supernatural film, she plays Juliana, a woman with invisibility who helps a disgraced MMA fighter win back his girlfriend, Megan Fox. Despite the fact that several critics and audience members thought the plot was absurd, the picture had a higher Rotten Tomato rating. At the very least, she isn’t scared to experiment with other genres!