Must Watch These Movies Of Megan Fox

megan fox

These top ten movies of Megan Fox can make you her fan


Megan Fox an American actress has been on everyone’s radar (and bedroom walls) for well over a decade. Here are the top ten Megan Fox movies to watch. She’s back on our screens now as a horror queen in flicks like Till Death, and she doesn’t look a day older. To commemorate this stunning actress’s comeback to acting, we’ve compiled a list of her most memorable films.

Jennifer’s Body meghan markle

  1. Jennifer’s Body

The vixen is transformed into an immortal succubus who enjoys feasting on dudes in this horror film. When a satanic ceremony goes horribly wrong, Jennifer’s best friend, Amanda Seyfried, embarks on a journey to prevent Jennifer from murdering all the boys at their school. When it was first released in 2009, it was greatly underappreciated, but after the #metoo movement, it received the attention it deserved.