What You Required to Understand About Jayson Tatum’s Wife

Everyone is curious about this handsome looking men and want to know about his marriage status

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When you look atop the eastern meeting standings in the NBA, you’re going to see the Boston Celtics near the top of the list nowadays. This is mainly thanks to people like Jayson Tatum, a young, budding super star who take the organization by storm. Yet, everyone is curious about his marriage status, who he has been married to and what’s Jayson tatum’s wife’s name?

Is Jayson Tatum Married?

Jayson Tatum Married

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Among the interesting parts about professional athletes that make it to the NFL as well as NBA is the truth that a number of them marry young. Many athletes spend their college years dating ladies that have supported their careers throughout high school and college and into the pros. While Jayson Tatum is young and handsome and many women have him in their hearts it’s good news to them that he is not married and does not have his better half in life yet. But it is in the air that he has been dating a lady for fairly a long time.


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Toriah Lachell is the girlfriend of Jayson Tatum. She is the one dating Jason from senior high school times. The two were together in college and have a strong bond ever since. Even this bond stayed rock solid while Jayson played university at Duke and also transitioned right into the NBA. The two aren’t married or involved as far as the public knows, and also we don’t know if they intend on changing that any time in the future.

Does Jayson Tatum Have Children?



You may additionally be questioning whether or not Jayson Tatum has any kind of youngsters, a specifically interesting concern because the young NBA celebrity is just 22 years old. Once more, however, it’s fairly common for professional athletes to have kids at a young age, especially when those children are the result of a long-time connection with a high school sweetheart.

Although he isn’t a married guy he does have one kid named Jayson Christopher Tatum or you can call him Junior Tatum. He was born on December 7, 2017and coincidentally it’s the same day when Jayson Tatum notched a double-double to safeguard a Celtics sway the Mavericks. A glimpse at some of Jayson Tatum’s social media will certainly show you simply exactly how pleased he is of his son. There are lots of adorable photos of Tatum as well as his kid.

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