Our hearts Leave Angelina Jolie!

If we analyze the whole life of Angelina it looks like a movie itself. In her teen year, she suffered from anorexia. She then started experimenting with drugs, heroin, and cocaine. She got married to her first spouse Jonny Lee Miller, in pants and a T-shirt. She even exchanged blood with his second husband Billy Bob for wearing around their neck. Even she had a very public and angry breakup with her third spouse, Brad Pitt. In an interview, she said that she tried to kill herself by hiring someone. Even she started involving in sexual adventurous (kinky activities) from a very young age. She revealed that she had a back plan to be a funeral director in case she gets failed in acting.

She had a much focused private life. She attended the Academy Award in 2000 with her brother James Haven where she appeared to kiss him a bit too much. She had a troubled relationship with his father. Actor Jon Voight claimed that his daughter has a serious mental problem. Angelina has a very close relationship with her mother but she died early at age of 57 from Ovarian cancer.