Women shared an amazing tip to use paracetamol to clean rusty Iron

About Experiment

This method was explained by the granny of this woman Laura. She thought of exchanging the iron first then she thought why not use old fashioned trick given by her grandmother about cleaning the rusty iron with help of a paracetamol tablet that we often use in fever. She tried this trick and even took before and after photographs. And what results she got from this trick was strange!

The Result

Using Paracetamol, the woman got her old-looking rusty iron as good-looking as a new one. She was unaware of this amazing property of paracetamol that could work on the rust of iron in this strange way. She wondered how a painkiller and a fever suppressant can clean her iron that effectively. Even she shared this brilliant action trick of Paracetamol with her friends on Facebook and many people saw it, tried it, and shared it with others made this trick viral in less time.

The Trick

Almost all of you are curious about how she did it? Let us tell you the trick- Laura switched on the device and let it heated for 2 minutes. When the iron was hot she rubbed paracetamol tablets over the rusted portion with the help of tweezers. After it, she switched off the device and left it cool down. After it, she wiped the iron surface with a damp cloth that casually uses in the kitchen.