5 easy hacks for peeling garlic

peeling garlic

Chopping garlic can be annoying, especially the little skins of cloves and the smell. The pesky peels of the garlic can stink up to your fingers, and it can get really tough to get rid of the smell. Why not find an easy way to get those skins off? Whether you want to peel the entire clove or get it chopped into pieces, there are multiple ways to peeling garlic. These hacks work like a charm and will ease the process. Find below-listed hacks to peel garlic more easily: Use these hacks every time you want to reap all the health benefits of garlic.


1. Peeling garlic with a knife

An entire bunch of garlic is made up of different cloves. Cloves is a small, wedged shape piece that makes the entire “head” of garlic.

  •  Simply pull out one cluster of clove with your fingers and cut away the paperwhite skin to make it easier.
  • Once you peel off the white skin, you might find a hard, brown “top” on the clove. Remove this brown coating with your kitchen knife. This will aid in peeling the garlic; you might not find this extra coating in some cloves.
  • If it’ ‘s painstaking to remove the brown coating, the simple hack is to cut the clove in half. This will make it easy to remove the skin.
  • Keep the piece of clove on your chopping board. Keep the flat side down and so that the part of the clove in the center faces away from you.
  • Take your kitchen knife, place the flat side of the knife on the clove and peel it down firmly. You’ll hear a light noise. Remove the blade to see if the skin detached from the clove. Yes, it might be challenging to understand the intensity of pressure you need to apply, but eventually, when you lift the knife, you see the peel off the cloves is removed and stick to the knife.

A knife is an important tool that will make it easy to detach the peel of garlic. Once you remove the peel, you can cut the clove into small pieces or mash it accordingly.


2. Peeling garlic with water
  • Before you proceed with the step, get rid of the skin that can be easily peeled off. Now take a bowl of water and place the clove in this water and let them rest. Once you rest the garlic in water for 5 mins, you see the top white skin shedding from the garlic.
  • Put the cloves in a covered or watertight container. The garlic skin will loosen after you let it soak for a few minutes; you can shake the container to allow the skin to shed the garlic and immerse it in water.
  • If you find some skin still there now, you can easily remove it with the hands. Pinch off the skin with your fingers, and cut the ends off if there are any tricky bits still stuck on the clove.
3. Peeling garlic with microwave

 Before moving ahead with this hack of peeling garlic, remember you don’t microwave the entire garlic as it will reduce the life span for later. Hence only microwave the cloves that you want to use at the moment.

Keep the garlic cloves on a microwave plate and heat it for 5-10 seconds. You’ll notice that the garlic has to start losing the skin. Now cut both ends of the garlic clove with a knife, and it will become easy to peel off the skin.