5 easy hacks for peeling garlic

4. Peeling garlic by shaking
  •  Take a one stainless steel bowl. Before you proceed, remove the while skin on the top with your hands.
  • Place the garlic clove in the stainless bowl and cover it with another stainless steel bowl. Place the bowl together in a manner that both ends meet. This should appear like a sealed bowl.
  • Hold the edge of both the bowls and shake. Shake it vigorously so that the garlic clang with the bowl for 1-2 minutes.
  • Now open the bowl, and you will find the skin of the clove floating on the water. Remove the hard bottom skin of the clove and throw it in the trash.
  • If you still find thinner skin attached to the garlic clove, peel off with the hand. You can even keep the individual clove in the water and let it shed the skin. However, the majority of this skin will get rid of while shaking both the bowls.


5. Peeling garlic with Mallet
  • Take the cloves you want to peel off and place them on a cutting board. Keep the cloves under the dry cloth; it will protect the cloves from flying off the table when you hit them. Take a mallet and pound the garlic once or twice.
  • This will crack the shell, making it easy to peel garlic. The process is a bit similar to using a knife blade to get rid of clove skin; instead, it is a more easy process, and you don’t have to learn the hack to use the knife blade.
  • Remember, if you don’t want to smash the cloves, hit them lightly but to the extent that the shell is cracked and the skin gets off.

Image Source: unsplash