Vicks Vaporub Benefits : Other Things You Can Do With It 

 Stretch marks

Lots of people have stretch marks, it’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. However some people prefer to remove them. While there’s no actual proof of VapoRub aiding do away with these supposed tiger red stripes, it’s frequently used to get rid of them. However even if it doesn’t work, it’s not creating any type of damage.

Dry heels

Whether you stroll a whole lot or not, everybody can obtain completely dry heels. Skin doctors suggest maintaining your heels moisturized with creams. There are unique crèmes for specifically this function yet lots of people utilize VapoRub to finish the job. However the same thing uses here: there’s no genuine proof.

Keeping mosquitos at a distance

A study from years back showed scientists that the camphor oil in Vicks VapoRub helped keep insects at a distance. A lot more current research showed that the menthol was likewise reliable and getting the job done. However do you actually intend to ensure the insects are staying away? Like when you get on a trip? Then DEET is a much better choice.

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Source: Healthline | Image: VICKS VAPORUB by Tatsuo Yamashita under license CC BY 2.0