Story of world’s most beautiful twins


After hearing from many individuals about Girls should work as models, twins mother Jaqi decided to take initiative for girl’s career in modeling. Well it’s true that these twins girl were too young for starting careen in modeling. Even twins mother thought the same for a moment.


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Extremely occupied Mom

Jaqi was extremely occupied mom as being a mother of two twins she had another two years kid to look after. She mentioned it was a difficult time and experience for her managing home and 3 kids at a same time and even looking for the potential career for her twin’s girls. Sometimes she didn’t step out of house being busy as a homemaker and mother. So she just gave up on looking for a modeling career for her twin’s daughter. But these two beautiful girls didn’t gave up fully. Both of them keep practicing posing skills on social media pages. Well the two sister had decided not to stop modelling, but they were unable to make their decisions as they were toddlers. Jaqi, twin’s mother said that she believes in sign’s power and it worked well for her. Her lucky number is seven and this helps in taking an influenced decision towards situation.

She told about her believe behind number 7 that her twins were born on 7th of date and in 7th of month (07-7). And the twin’s sister were becoming seven years old in 2017. Mother Jqui was positive with the 7 sequences and took it as an indicator for something good for girls.

7 years of age

While girls were turning to seven, they started to develop their individual personalities. They were participating in various extracurricular activities like swimming, dancing etc. And on their Birthday mother Jaqi gave them a very beautiful gift- “Gift of Hope”. Jaqi conveyed the girls that both of them can try modelling when they would be ready.


Girls burst with zeal

After hearing such a wonderful news girls started jumping with joy. Mother Jaqi were predicting the same reaction and decided to go for this decision. Jaqi said that girls enjoyed being in spotlight either making a performance for their neighbors, family and friends. Modeling path was like waiting for these girls, many proposals started coming and gradually girls become engaged in ad shoot and modelling.



While girls enjoyed their adolescence, these twin sisters were engaged in many responsibilities. Although mother Jaqi wanted things to move in gentle and smooth way but

as girls didn’t have the experience of putting so much of make up on face and being in front of camera so the journey for them is a bit challenging. Both of them have to walk on a long road and need to practice a lot to be at the positions they deserve. The twin’s sisters started practicing in garage of their house with their younger brother.

This year girls turned to 11 and both of them are enjoying their practice for their great future ahead.