Prince Harry and his ex-girlfriend

  • Camilla Romestrand (2010)

Prince Harry refuses to speak any word on this topic. While Camilla told her friends that she spent the night with Harry in Clarence House and the prince brought her breakfast in bed after an eventful night. This relationship didn’t last long.

8-    Florence Brudnell-Bruce (2011)

Prince started dating Florence once his & off relationship ended with Chelsy completely. Florence ended this relationship very quickly as she felt she was not the only one in his life.

  • Cressida Bonas (2012-2014)

Second serious relationship of Prince’s life.  Cressida model and an actress were introduced to Prince Harry by Princess Eugenie. Both splits up as a friend.

10-          Ellie Goulding (2010)

Their relationship was never announced publicly. But they both were spotted underneath a blanket in 2015 at the Polo tournament and even Ellie didn’t deny anything about this scenario when asked.

Meghan Markle

In 2016 the search of love has ended when prince met Meghan Markle. What happened next is all of us are aware of…..