Did you know grapefruit owns stellar cleaning capabilities? Clean your bathroom with grapefruit to see the truth!

What you require to clean your bathroom

1 Grapefruit
1/4 cup coarse kosher salt

Instructions to Use

  1. One Grapefruit

You need to take 1 medium to large sized grapefruit to clean your bathroom. Whether you are considering cleaning shower, tub, rusty surfaces including all the bathroom fixtures. You need to cut grapefruit half with a knife and you are all set to see its magical impact.

  • Sprinkle Grapefruit with Salt

Sprinkle the top of a half grapefruit gently with salt. Use half of the grapefruit at a time. Wet water your rusty bathroom shower or bathtub with water and gently sprinkle the salt on them.

  • Do proper scrubbing

Scrub the half grapefruit around your bathroom shower or tub and ensure to squeeze it slightly. Rub each fixture with grapefruit juice for few seconds and also put fresh salt on them. Don’t forget to rind on obstinate rusty areas.

  • Rinse

By the end of the process, simply rinse the pulpy bits as well as the salt and your bathroom shower is all new!

  • Here are the Extraordinary Results you get when you clean the bathroom with grapefruit:
    After using grapefruit and salt, you will see the dirt and grime going off like a breeze. This method works extremely well in cleaning your sinks, toilets, tile, and more. You can also use sugar as a substitute for salt with grapefruit to take out soap scum, dirt and odors from bathroom. Sprinkle sugar on half part of a grapefruit and then scrub the shower or bathroom fixtures before rinsing it with water. It will leave citrusy smell behind by removing debris away.

The Bottom Line

Grapefruit is a powerhouse cleaner just as lemon. Its acid nature imparts it several germ fighting properties that makes it an excellent cleaning agent. By using only two commonly available ingredients and a little elbow grease, you can easily make your bathroom shower, sink, bathtubs and other bathroom fixtures shine. So, next time you think about cleaning a bathroom, clean your bathroom with grapefruit and salt to see unmatched results.

Image Source: Pixabay