Husband Filed Divorce After Receiving Selfie From Wife

Away from home a lot
John was also not completely satisfied with the current situation. Although he held a very important position and earned a lot of money, there was something missing in his life. He began to realize more and more that “something” was Chloe. The couple had just called for half an hour while John was boarding his next flight. Chloe had been on the way home during the phone call and now plopped down on the couch. Suddenly she received a message from her husband, who had to be on the plane by now.
” Would you please send me a picture of yourself? I miss you terribly and it pains me not to see you these next few weeks. Please.” John typed. 

Taking a picture
Chloe read the message with a frown on her face. She intended to decline the request but realized how John must be feeling. Lonely and alone, in a foreign land, far from home. The least she could do to satisfy him was to send a photo. She posed for a selfie, took a few, choose the best one and sent it to her husband, accompanied by a heart emoji.
She had only forgotten one detail …


No way back
After she sent the photo, Chloe took another good look at it and noticed a detail that shocked her. Her fingers quickly tapped the keyboard of her cell phone to reverse the action but her battery died. As John landed he saw a message from the love of his life and opened it with a big smile. While looking at the photograph he had noticed something that had really shocked him. John trembled with rage as he dialled his wife’s number for the fourth time and she didn’t answer again. John then dialled his lawyer and explained the situation with the request of filing divorce papers. While the lawyer asked John to communicate with Chloe first.


The conversation
John was straight to the point: “Where the hell is your wedding ring?”. The photo indeed showed that Chloe was not wearing her wedding ring. One dark thought ran through John’s head. Did she cheat on him when he was on a business trip? Chloe decided to tell her husband the truth. Chloe told John that she did something that day that he wouldn’t like. Chloe booked a nude photo shoot with a professional photographer. There was nothing sexual about this shoot, it was purely artistic. Although John had asked her not to do any more nude shoots, this one time she decided to go against his wishes. She thought that was quite exciting! Once home, John had asked her for a selfie. But she just forgot to put her wedding ring back on.


John’s reaction
John was very relieved that his wife hadn’t cheated on him. He immediately told her that he didn’t mind that she had such a photo shoot. The two had a good chat about their wishes and dreams. John then decided to opt for a grounded job position at San Francisco to be with his wife every day again. Much to his relief, his boss understood him completely and told him a management position. John accepted the offer.

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