OMG! It can happen by rubbing banana peel on face Everyday


Goodness for skin health

Apart for consuming, banana and its peel is use for skin care routine as well. Banana not only provide essential nutrients internally but also contains such substances that are good for skin. Banana peel contain an antioxidant called Lutein, it relates to vitamin A and works as a natural UV filter for many things. Lutein is very beneficial for inflammation, it means it can help to sooth red & irritated skin and can help fight against acne. Those who have tried everything for their pimples can give a try to rubbing a banana peel on face. It is very easy to include it in your skin care routine. You can either use banana peel or can use banana itself. Want to know how to use it in skin care routine. We are going to tell you 4 amazing ways of using banana peel for face.

  • Rub banana peel on face

Rubbing a banana peel on face helps to brighten skin and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles that appears early in age. Rubbing banana peel on face also helps to get rid of acne or pimple and their scars that make you feel ugly. What you have to do is to cut a banana peel into pieces and use the inside of peel to rub on the face in circular motion. You have to keep rubbing banana peel till it’s inside white part starts to get black, then you should take a new piece of banana peel and continue rubbing. Banana peel helps to fade them away.

  • Place banana peel on eyes

Do you know banana peel can help in reducing the puffiness around your eyes? Many of us has experienced eye puffiness at some time. We always look for options to reduce it but our methods sometime don’t work. You can give try to this natural method, just place a banana peel on closed eyes for 10 minutes.  Your skin around eye’s absorb the vitamins from the peel and make difference in eye puffiness.


  • Use peel to hydrate skin

Banana peel can acts as a natural moisturizer. Rubbing banana peel of face helps to hydrate skin make skin glowing.