Try these Hacks to prevent fruits from browning

  • Citric Acid

This trick requires you to put 1 tablespoon of citric acid in 1 cup of water. Citric acid can be easily bought from the canning supplies section.

  • Soda Water

Just add soda water to fruits and you don’t need to mix it with anything else. Soda water can be bought with the bottles under various names including seltzer, club soda, or soda water.

  • Plain Cold Water

This is the easiest of all. You just run the tap of cold water and don’t need anything to mix.

Methods and Results

Now, what you need to do is take a small bowl and place the fruit slices in it. Let the apple slices soak for just 5 minutes and put these pieces in the refrigerator for an hour. Keep those cut apple slices on the countertop for about an hour at room temperature. The results will shock you!

The Best solution to Prevent Cut Fruit from getting brown

The results of our experiment were extremely satisfying. We found out that the seltzer water also called as soda water worked as best the best trick to prevent fruits from browning! Not only the appearance of the fruit changed but also the flavor of the fruit was preserved. Also, the texture of the apples stayed well. The second best was the Lemon juice trick. It was a close first, and we totally recommend it, especially if you like eating lemons and adding citrus-y zing effect to your taste buds. And you won’t believe, the very next day these apples still looked fresh and tasty! What’s best is that they were juicy and super crunchy but not mealy.

Best ways to keep Cut Fruit fresh without soaking them

If you find soaking fruits in different solutions a time taking task, then we’ve got you covered! There are many workable ways through which you can keep fruits fresh and tasty even after they are cut.

  • Cut the apple and cover it using a rubber band to fit the pieces warmly together packed around the core. Doing this will keep the oxygen away from reaching the flesh of the apple. This helps in preventing the fruits from browning.
  • You can also try sprinkling cinnamon on the fruit. Here you are tricking the look by masking browning via adding already brown spice that’s cinnamon on the fruit! This will help you add flavor to the fruit.
  • Squeezing lemon directly onto fruit works fairly well! If you don’t have time, save this trick then!

The Bottom line

Fruits provide our body with essential nutrients like calcium, vitamins, iron, and vital proteins. Instead of avoiding eating fruits; adopt these easy hacks to prevent fruits from browning while keeping their taste intact!