Top 5 foods that prevent wrinkles

Sweet Potatoes

Beta-carotene, an anti-wrinkling carotenoid that is a product of vitamin A, is abundant in orange-hued foods like sweet potatoes. Beta-carotene, found in foods, can help enhance your skin’s natural UV protection and protect it from sun-induced damage, which can cause age-related changes. Furthermore, research has shown that eating sweet potatoes and other foods high in this vitamin can give you a gorgeous glow that is more attractive than a tan. Sweet Potato can be a wonderful and absolutely natural anti-wrinkle remedy! Sweet potatoes can be cooked lengthwise and then can be eaten along with avocados and nut butters beside bread.

Top 5 foods that prevent wrinkles - sweet potato

Tomato sauce

Lycopene, a major carotenoid found in tomatoes, can provide an internal defense against sun damage. While nothing can replace your sunscreen, eating cooked tomatoes, such as canned tomatoes and lower-sugar tomato sauces, may help prevent you from skin cancer. Shakshuka, a Maghrebi dish is made with eggs, handful of baby spinach and lower-sugar canned marinara sauce, is a quick weekday supper. To finish, I like to sprinkle extra virgin olive oil on top.

Top 5 foods that prevent wrinkles - Tomato sauce

Greek yogurt

Your microbiome (the billions of good bacteria that dwell in your gut) not only serves as a home for your immune system, but it also aids in the management of your body’s inflammatory response. Skin disorders such as acne and eczema can be improved by nourishing the bacteria in your stomach, resulting in healthier-looking skin. And also, Greek yogurt is abundant in healthy protein- the nutrient that provides the raw materials your body requires to create collagen. That makes it an additional winning food in the battle against wrinkles.

Top 5 foods that prevent wrinkles - Greek yogurt

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